Helping Hands began about 30 years ago following an 'audit' of useful skills of those living in the Parish. Three or four main individuals came forward to form Helping Hands and one of those people is Margaret Ashworth who continues to coordinate the initiative. There are several helpers whom Margaret can rely upon to give assistance to others when needed although she still does a lot herself. Typically they assist other Collier Street Residents by taking them to hospital or doctor appointments, collecting prescriptions, getting their shopping, visiting for a chat or taking them meals. Although the support given can be regular visits or trips for some individuals, the assistance is often just a short term arrangement to help residents through a 'difficult' time. Anyone who would like to give offers of help should make contact with Margaret on 01892 730323.


                                                            THOROUGHLY ENJOYED BY ALL!!!

(Thanks to Barbara Grandi for supplying the backround information and the digital image)